Sleep in Heaven Youth Hostel Copenhagen

Backpacker Hostel in Copenhagen since 1999


+ Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, we do not take a deposit from you. In return we require full payment when picking up your bike. And we expect you to return the bike in time

+ The online booking requires my credit card details. Will the payment automatically be taken?

No, your credit card details only serve for security reasons. You will have to pay directly when picking up the bike

+ How do I pay for the bike?

You pay directly at the reception when picking up the bike key. You can either pay cash or by credit card

+ What should I do if the rental bike has a flat tire or gets damaged?

You have to take it back to the hostel and exchange it for another one. We’ll take care of reparation. Please do not use the services of a bike smith - we do NOT reimburse these kinds of costs

If you are far away from the hostel, you can take the S-train to Vesterport station which transports your bike for free or the Metro which is a DKK 12 add on

+ Do your bikes come with a lock?

Yes, all our bikes come with a lock on the back wheel. You’ll receive the key at the reception

+ How many gears do your bicycles have?

Most of our bikes have 3 gears

+ I heard in Denmark you have back pedal brakes. I am no used to it, can I get a bike with manual brakes?

All of our bikes have back pedal brakes and a set of hand-brakes. It's a neat combo!

+ Do you rent fixies?

No, we don't

+ Are your bikes equipped with lights?

Yes. Please make sure they work, before leaving the hostel and remember to switch them on, when it’s dark. According to Danish law you have to use bike lights - otherwise you risk a fine


Terms and conditions

When renting a bicycle from Sleep in Heaven, you are responsible for the bicycle from the time it is taken, to the time it is returned

In case of theft or total damage a fee of 800 DKK (ca.100 €) is required and will be charged on your credit card

Sleep in Heaven takes no responsibility for the bicycle users safety and the cyclist should be aware of traffic and pedestrians at all time

Unauthorized service and repair of the bike, is not covered by Sleep in Heaven.

+ Helmets

It's not mandatory in Denmark to wear a helmet on a bicycle

+ What about lights?

You must have clearly visible bike lights while driving when it's dark. When the road lights get switched on in the evening, you must turn on your bike lights. You are required to have one white light in the front pointing straight forward and a red light in the back pointing straight backwards

+ Ring bells?

Every cyclist is required to have one functional bell to signal if necessary

+ Brakes

You must have functional brakes on both the front and the back wheel. It's common in Denmark to use pedal breaks on the back wheel and . have a manual hand brake for the front wheel