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What kind of personal information can Sleep in Heaven A/S use?


Personal information is only taken as part of bookings or booking requests. In these cases, personal information such as name, address, e-mail, phone number, credit card information and specific information about your booking may be used. This information is necessary to be able to manage your booking.


Data processors and your personal information

Booking data is being processed through our Channel Manager that collects and stores the data your type in as part of the booking process through our website or an external booking site.


Sleep in Heaven A/S do not share your information to third parties to use for marketing purposes, but information may be shared with authorities in cases where the law dictates it (police investigation etc.)


How long do we store your data?

Your personal data is stored as long it is necessary to manage and process your booking. Personal information necessary for accounting purposes may be stored up to 5 years according to the national accounting law


Your rights

At any time, it is your right to be informed of which data we have about you. Furthermore, you have the right to:

-       Change information that is untruthful

-       Be forgotten

-       Choose which data we can use about you

-       Send a complaint to Datatilsynet


Please note, that Sleep in Heaven is forced to keep certain booking and transaction details up to 5 years according to the accounting law


Questions and complaints

Do you have questions regarding this privacy policy or your rights, please send an e-mail to office @ Do you wish you send a complaint to Datatilsynet, please contact dt @



Our privacy policy is changed regularly according to the given law. The date for the latest change will always appear on top of this page